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Professor David O'Donnell
By Brechin

Advice Line: 07739 486369


The Legal Defence Union -

The first of its kind in the British Isles


The Legal Defence Union (LDU) exists for the specific purpose of promoting and protecting the welfare of solicitors in Scotland.

It is committed to protecting the interests of all solicitors in Scotland, whether engaged in court, conveyancing or commercial work, in town or country, and in all areas of activity.

At a wider level, the LDU aims to promote the interests and defence of solicitors in Parliament, in the media and to the general public

Chairman's Statement

Lawyers have always prided themselves on their commitment to helping clients from all levels of society, whatever their circumstances or their problems.

The Legal Profession has been perhaps a little slow in providing an independent advice agency for its own members.

Lawyers sometimes need lawyers! It is good professionalism to take advice.

We are committed to the idea of prompt, friendly, confidential and skilled advice to all solicitors in Scotland.

James A. McCann, Honorary President
Legal Defence Union